About Me

Throughout my life I’ve struggled with excess weight. Counting calories, fat grams, points, carbs, GI, GL became a way of life. If a new diet book appeared in the book shop window, I was there buying it and absorbing every grain of information within so I could live in the wonderful world of the thin.
Now in my 30s I’m still not living in that imaginary land and I’m extremely disappointed in the advice that so called doctors, dieticians and government advisory boards have given. Surely, if getting my 5 a day and eating low fat foods was the answer, how come I’m still 4 stone overweight?
I began to question everything we’ve been told about health, diet and nutrition. Then one day I was in a book shop down the diet section (as usual), when I discovered a new book by Jason Vale juicemaster. That book was Juice yourself Slim. Was it another fad?
I read the book from cover to cover. It was amazing. Finally an explanation why I had failed so many times.
That was the start of my journey. That was three years ago. My journey has not been smooth. I’m still not in the land of the slim, but I’ve realised that being healthy in body and mind is far more important that being skinny. Especially important due to diabetes being inherent on my maternal side of the family.
So here I am January 2015 about to embark on the next leg of my journey. Previously I had been juicing and cutting out processed foods and learning all there is to know about supreme nutrition, raw foods and alkaline eating. But learning about something is completely different to actually doing it. So I’m going to practice what I preach.

This is my blog of my exploration of vegetarianism, alkaline eating, juicing, raw veganism and general well being. I’ll share all that I’ve learnt, all that I’m learning on the way and hopefully you’ll teach me new things too!
Enjoy. X